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Mobile Ad Network & Campaign Solutions

Our solutions give you full control over your in-app ad campaigns

Airnow Monetization’s revolutionary targeting and delivery technology exists to ensure your ads are seen by a network of users who are more likely to convert.

Great Ads Deserve to be Seen

Our platform gives your company access to unrivalled targeting, ad management and real time-bidding solutions

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Target & Optimize

With the power of our HyperTarget and Conversion Optimizer solutions, we drive your campaigns with actionable data for proven results.

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Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buyers can discover endless scale and high-performing ad units with real-time bidding as part of our Mobile Private Exchange strategy.

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Campaign Dashboard

Thanks to our platform’s range of analytics and templates, reaching your target network of mobile users with the perfect message has never been easier.

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Programmatic Buying

Reasons To Believe Us

With state-of-the-art geo targeting capabilities and a variety of ad formats to choose from, we generated an amazing 10.6% clickthrough rate and industry leading 2% conversion rate for Coca-Cola’s ‘Reasons to Believe’ campaign.

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